The Tasty Tamarind~ Food Bloggers Qatar Night

My first Qatar Food Bloggers meet was everything memorable, from the start till the end. The lovely Hungry Birds Doha, Doaa Jabir and Tamarind Stylish Indian made the night into the most memorable one in my life. Being a food lover and cooking lover, I am always interested in meeting people with food craziness like me. The foodie meetups are just like family get together where there are lots of conversations and everybody is Oh so friendly. And as I write this I am already dreaming of the next meetup with the lovely people again.

Chef Naveen and Chef Mani from the Tamarind Stylish Indian restaurant, made the most delightful Indian food dining experience that I ever had. The Tamarind Indian has made new changes to their menu and it was taste testing of their new menu. They have introduced Molecular Gastronomy to their dishes and let me tell you, its mind blowing. This was our welcoming settings and they had a seven course dinner that was waiting for us.


And as I walked into the room fellow foodie bloggers were all warm in welcoming me as I was the newest blogger. Great people. When the guests arrived, we were treated with the Smoking Malai Aam ka Panna, which was something spectacular to the eyes and mouth. The Chef was explaining to us as the liquid nitrogen mixed with the mango was being poured on the malai, it was smoking cold. My first time having such an innovative food.


The Amouse Bouche starter we were served with included the A kebab which the chef mentioned was very tough to make and I respect them for the taste that had. I could seriously eat many of them more. It was so soft  and melt in the mouth as it was with other kebabs of the evening. also served with the Avocado thandai which was a sweet avocado in coconut milk.


Then came the the chaat platter that had spiced chickpea chaat, bhel with yummy sauces, pani puri and min idlies. Everything was so tasty, it was a party for the tastebuds.

The first course of the evening was the seafood trio. the dish was served and was pretty elaborate. Starting with a yogurt sphere, progressing with three types of seafood preperations and ending with seasoned laban. this was spectacular with the yogurt sphere. Here is where they had introduced the molecular gastronomy. it was a jiggly sphere of yogurt and when you put it in the mouth it just pops, literally. It was my first time trying something like that although I have read of sphere-ing food using safe chemicals. the seafood included karipak machi, patrani machi and prawn balchao and seriously I wanted more. The presentation of the food here too attracts anyone who loves beauty if food. The patrani machi was served inside a banana leaf and it was so cute and falvorful. the karipak machi was so soft and crunchy, my favorite of the three. Being not so fascinated by prawns I did not try the prawn dish. the ending note with laban made our taste buds neutral setting up for a fresh start to the next course.


The second course was of lamb dishes with the Hawkers sample consisting of classic lamb galouti and pathar ghost ka sule with saffron fennel bread and chilli peach caviar. the caviar was very lovely. A beautiful contrast with the lamb kebabs. The golden claypot delicacies of Tamarind India was a selection of melt in mouth lamb chop and chicken drumstick along with tulsi jinga and fresh rocket salad. I licked the plate clean of this one.

2015-12-09_23.41.36[1]    2015-12-09_23.44.12[1]


Following all this yumminess was the main course,which had the Signature Butter chicken, Nihari gosht, murg musallam, balti sabzi and dal makhani. served with Saffron rice and Butter naans. Grand feast of royal food.


Sadly I had to leave at this point of the meetup but the desserts of the night were dates pannacotta, double ka meetha and blueberry kheer ice cream. sounds lovely and my next to do list.

Truly enjoyed every moment of the evening with the whole awesome food bloggers in Qatar. I really can’t wait for the next we meet. It was a pleasure meeting Doha’s top foodies. Special thanks to Hungry Birds Doha for inviting me to the event and seriously looking ahead for the next meet.

With love,


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