Al Mourjan Lounge at HIA~ The Luxury Travel

It was in September 2015, we decided to travel to Kerala with Qatar Airways and bought our tickets for the Business class with the intention of exploring the new Al Mourjan Lounge at Hamad International Airport.

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I have been to the premium terminal of the Doha International Airport and if you are comparing to that, the HIA one is less of facilities. But the whole face of Doha has changed since the operation of HIA and its completely different.

To start off, we had a quick check in because there were literally no passengers waiting or queuing, so it was easy. The check-in staff was very calm and friendly. We did a little duty free shopping and taking selfies with the Giant teddy Bear and went off to the Al Mourjan lounge. Instructions were clear as to how to reach there.




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Its a huge area with lots of sitting space. well it was crowded too. I see the huge increase in people travelling within the premium class. There were different kinds of chairs and sofas that looked cute, cozy and elegant. The decoration pool was just so beautiful as was the stair way to the restaurant. The rest rooms, the prayer area and other facilities inside the lounge was very elegant.

The decorative pool(image source:google)

The restaurant was at the first floor and really a good spacious one with good seating arrangements. The waiters were very prompt with the service and always smiling. The food was very delightful and there were some favorites too. unfortunately the dessert choices were very less comparing to the premium lounge at DIA. But the cakes offered on the menu was very very delicious. I had more than 3 servings.

image google

2015-12-14_07.07.20[1] 2015-12-14_07.03.38[1]


The only drawback for us was nobody mentioned our flight boarding time and we had to run to catch the flight and the boarding terminal was far away. And we were so tired when we boarded the flight, we just dozed off as soon as take off. Prior to take off, our lovely Air-hostess had given us the menu which included starters, main course and desserts but we were so full from the airport. We ordered our desserts when we wake up ans was thus served the next day. It was a dessert from Laduree, worth getting up to.

image: google

We enjoyed our experience at the Mourjan Lounge at HIA and looking forward to travelling again soon.

Have you traveled with Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge and what was your experience like?



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