Paper Moon Doha- to the moon and back

I had the lovely chance of dining at Paper Moon Doha during the launch of Pret-a-porter designs from WAAD Designs. Before going into the food let me talk a little about the ambience of Paper Moon. In one word, it is a cozy dining experience.


The moment you enter, it is like a black and white studio with lots of pictures on the wall. It was really different from the ordinary color themes restaurants have. There is an elevator that takes you to the restaurant upstairs. The WAAD event was held in an outdoor setup in a beautiful style. The interiors of Paper Moon is dim and cozy, perfect for a date night.


Coming to the food, it was an Italian Dinner menu that awaited us. We were welcomed with drinks of exotic tropical flavors. Being a mango lover, I chose the Mango punch which was really refreshing. I loved it.



The menu for the night was beautiful folded inside the napkin and tied with a cute jute rope. We were served salad first which consisted of fresh baby spinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and crunchy walnuts. It was so fresh and good that I had my plate clean. The dressing was perfect as well.


The Appetizer was layered eggplant in tomato sauce with mozeralla and basil. Again the flavors were fresh. The eggplants were perfectly cooked and the serving size was right. The Main course was Homemade cheese stuffed ravioli which was good but not something that I liked. I am not a girl who eats so many kinds of cheese and the stuffing inside the ravioli was too overpowering that I could not eat the dish. However the sauce in which the pasta was tossed in was really delicious. The serving size was rather small.



When the dessert arrived, it was a delight to see the Tiramisu beautiful plated with chocolate garnishes. Tiramisu had the perfect flavor and texture. Again, me being a person who dislikes coffee, I did not enjoy the saviordi biscuit layer so much. But the cream layer was to die for.


Apart from the ravioli it was a real deal. It was really healthy food too and I enjoyed the night really well.

Have you dined from Paper Moon? Let me know then!


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