Pret-a-porter by WAAD Designs~ Launch of a new series

Abaya for me is love. I love the new trends to the Abayas without loosing the purpose of it yet not compromising on designs. Abaya is a luxury on its own. Personally I just wear a ring to compliment an Abaya and sometimes not even that. Just a pair of Good shoes and a beautiful Abaya is all that you need to rock any event.


When I received the invitation ticket from WAAD Designs for the launch of their new line of Abayas named Pret-a-porter designs and the official launch of Waadthemagazine, I was thrilled. WAAD Designs is one of the top luxury Abaya brands in Qatar and the designer behind it, Waad Ali is an epic creative woman. The launch event was perfectly planned and executed and everything was quick.



The launch was held at Paper Moon, an upscale eatery in the heart of Doha town, located in the Jaidah Square. The tables were arranged in two rows and everything looked oh so good. There were so many fashion bloggers present at the venueย and it almost looked like a celebrity event. There were many teams behind the successful event settings, the details were too beautiful. The flowers and grass byย Plaza Hollandi, amazing job!




The Pret-a-porter Abayas, mainly had earthy nude tones with the classic black which made it look really pretty. The Abayas are ready-to-wear and exclusively available on Arabian Beautiful models walked the aisle with the perfect WAAD designs and the looked really stunning. The pictures does not do justice to the designs. Waad gave a small speech on the New Collection and then the event was followed by a beautiful gala dinner at Paper Moon , which you can read more about here.


We got to take home a beautiful goodie bag filled with great gifts. Thank you WAAD Designs. It was a great event and hope to be with you all again soon.





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