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Ramadan | How I spend the Holy month

I have been writing less these days. Life has taken me to so many drives that a part of me has forgotten to write. We have been shifting cities and let me tell you its no joke! I was devasted for a week after my house shifting and the last thing I could think of was not writing a blog posts. But Alhamdulillah now we have settled and Ramadan is here, so as part of this month’s Qatar Link-up by Khansa of Creativity with Kay, I am sharing how I spend Ramadan here.


Fasting in Ramadan is one among the five pillars of Islam making it compulsory on every Muslim who has the health and stamina to withstand from food and water from dawn to dusk. Ramadan fasting is not only to refrain from food and water but also to from bad deeds and behaviours and to become closer to Almighty. Ramadan is also the best time for charity works.




So my Ramadan is typically spent from home. We go out very little for Ifthars or Suhoor. During the night hours in Ramadan there are lots of prayers which we believe makes us closer to our Creator and grand Ifthars and Suhoors makes one really lazy and tiresome. You need a lot of energy and eating heap loads of food from Ifthar buffets makes you wanna lie down the whole day! I do not know about you but if I cannot move after the food I am lazy for the whole night! So I really make sure my Ifthar is very light and Suhoor is heavy.


A typical day in Ramadan for me is to sleep in the morning more than the normal days, pray, prepare food for ifthar and Suhoor and night prayers. Some days we have Ifthar and Suhoors from out, but it is just two or three times. And some days we have guests for Ifthars and I get inside the kitchen to showcase my extra culinary efforts.



Even though I am not a big fan of Ifthar buffets I love me some incredible Suhoor tents. Doha is filled with Ramadan Tents and I have experienced a few of them and everything was food heaven. And I really want to ย experience more of the Suhoors. I have heard food experiences from fellow bloggers for Suhoor Tents in St. Regis, Grand Hyatt and some others that was spectacular. Waiting to experience them.






The dishes my family cooks during Ramadan is some appetizers and a main dish. While traditional Qatari dishes like Harees, Thareed , Majboos and Balalayt are a favorite we also cook Indian and other Meditteranean delicacies. We break out fasts with lots of fruits, a snack and juice.


Coconut stuffed plantain fritters


Peach and Oats drink

We have a main course at midnight which mostly is carb and protein loaded.


Grilled Chicken Salad

and Laban and dates for Suhoor.


After a month of sleepless nights I feel like an alien when the first day of the next month strikes and slowly come back to old routines and wait for the next blessed Ramadan.

Wishing everyone a blessed and peaceful Ramadan!




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