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3 Ways to use Bio-Oil

“When it comes to skin care, I like to keep things simple. I am not the type of person who runs out to have facials”

– Chyler Leigh

Flawless skin is every girl’s dream. Even though genetics play a huge role in your skin type there are many things you can do to keep your skin plump and soft without having hundreds of different bottles and tubs of skin care products.


Speaking of beauty, I have a secret crush now! And that is a feline beauty! My two sister Ms. F and Ms. F is a cat lover and she is an awesome Mom to almost ten fur babies. Last month she had to go away for a week and I had to baby sit her furballs and what can I say, I just fell for the little kitties! So much love and that look just melts my heart. I invited one of my best friend over for a girls get together and her daughter who is 18 months old was jumping with joy playing with the cats. My favorite among the cats are these kitties!  You will love their names! Popcorn and Custard😍😍

Sorry for the feline spam, but had to include them since I was trying to shoot pictures for this post and each time Custard would think that is some food for him and interrupt my shoot. I couldn’t help and tried to get the cats to pose for the camera but I truly wonder how pets are being photographed. We tried literally everything to get Custard and Popcorn into that basket but they would not!


Bio-Oil, as we all know is a popular stretch mark and scar buster. I was a little more adventurous in exploring what Bio-oil can do apart from the uses stated in the leaflet that came with the product when I was given to review it. I hope you find this list helpful since I have figured out a little more with this light pink oil!


Bio-Oil was developed by Dieter Beier, a German chemist living in South Africa. The development of Bio-Oil was in fact a return to the pure, undiluted origins of skin care.  Since its creation in 1987, the  Bio-Oil formulation has remained the same and stood the test of time.

Here are the three ways I used Bio-Oil and can recommend it to anyone since I have tried and tested the methods for two months.

Massage oil


Since Bio-Oil is an excellent moisturizer I tried adding this to my massage routine and I really love the calmness it offers. The smell of the oil is not so overpowering and you get that spa feel. The Purcellin Oil in it makes the oil thinner in consistency which improves absorption easier into the skin. And with a good massage stretch marks or scars start to fade away when Bio-Oil is used.

Hair Treatment


I have curly hair and taking care of curly hair is not an easy task. I tried the Bio-Oil out of curiosity on my hair and I should say I am happy with the outcome. To add-on the curliness my hair is dry and is super frizzy that needs a lot of moisturizer to maintain. I applied Bio-Oil on the tips of my hair to soften them and detangled using my fingers. After a trim my hair has said good-bye to split ends as well.

Cuticle Moisturizer


Beautiful nails start from well moisturized cuticles. Bio-Oil when applied lightly around the cuticles locks the moisture from being absorbed by the dry surroundings. The cuticles become softer within a week or so and you can notice a shine on your nails. Applies to the toes too.


Bio-Oil can be used in many ways and these are the three ways I chose to use. My face is not very dry so I had breakouts when I tried to use Bio-Oil on my face. Bio-Oil can simply be used as a daily body moisturizer.

In Doha, Bio-Oil is available in pharmacies.

Do you use Bio-Oil? Try these tips and let me know if it has worked for you!

Disclaimer: I was given a bottle.of Bio-Oil for review. The tips and results are based on using the product of two months. Test on a small area of your skin before trying to avoid possible allergies and  reactions.


25 thoughts on “3 Ways to use Bio-Oil

  1. Great review. Bio-oil has always been in my thoughts, whether to use it or not. I think I should give it a try.
    As for your kitties I love felines. It’s been 15 days since my 7 year old cat died. I miss him terribly. 😦 . The pics brought back memories of my tabby.

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  2. Adventurous review!

    I have never used bio-oil but would love to give it a try for massage and my nails now. I’v been tempted several times in the past to do so.

    Who can resist kittens? Cute, and always lovable.

    Liked by 1 person

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