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Friday Brunch at City Centre Rotana


When two restaurants in a hotel are equally good, and you cannot decide between which one to choose from, what would you do? I might suggest go for both of them! Yes this is what is happening at City Centre Rotana on Fridays! Their brunch is an extensive array of food between Lebanese delicacies and Continental preparations spread in the two restaurants, Olive Oil and Misk.


As you enter the doorway to both the restaurants, desserts welcome you with the brightest galore. There is possibly all kinds of sweet treats ranging from petite fours, mousse, swiss rolls, ummali to two types of chocolate fountain with all the major toppings in the world! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ It was really like stepping inside food heaven!

The dessert station overlooks the kids dining are where they have a separate buffet for the tiny tots! The cute little tables and chairs and bean bags with Finding Nemo playing in the screen and unlimited supply of cookies, the kids are not going to get bored at all. And imagine all those tantrums melting away! This is the best part of the buffet for families looking for dining options with kids.

The dining scene is pretty elaborate as you can choose where to sit in the two restaurants. But I advice you to book in advance so that you don’t miss it since the buffet is so famous, it’s completely busy! Misk has a super cozy and warm ambience that will transport you to an Ottoman era. The warm lights and the colors in the room is exactly like a set from a traditional Arabic play.

Olive oil on the other hand is bright and chic. The live cooking stations make it even busier. The colors around the room is cool and serves food of different cuisines like American, French, Indian and Chinese.

The seafood bar included a great range of treasures from the water world. There is a great choice of veg dishes in both the outlets. The cheese table housed many varieties of the aged dairy and the bread stand had quiet a selection of the yeast beauties. There was a 3 day cooked Beef Brisket which was melting in the mouth!

How can I forget about all the stations! There is a number of live cooking stations with different varieties of dishes so that if you are not into buffets you can custom order anything you like! The live cooking theatre inside Olive makes fresh seafood how you want it to be. There is live pasta station, a shawarma station, cotton candy and waffle station. You can also get your meats grilled! There is the option of make your own Prawn Cocktails, elaborate salad bars and a Tabbouleh station. The sushi station looked pretty with all Β the artwork. The mezzes at Misk has many varieties of cold appetizers and dips and the buffet serves kebabs, potatoes and marrows, rice and fish cooked to perfection in arabic spices making you dream of succulent meat and saucy vegetables.


I want to finish this post with all the yummy looking Kunafe varieties! The delicious Cheesy Kunafe without added toppings was my favorite of this spread! But look at the beautiful Arabic confectionaries! So colorful and nutty! To me it was an overdose of orange blossom and rose-water for some of these. I did like the cashew and pistachio topped desserts! It was festive to the eyes though! I love how this post begins and ends with desserts!

Disclaimer: I was a guest at City Centre Rotana for the Friday. The pictures and review is completely mine and this is not a buffet prepared for the review only. It is the common Friday brunch available on all Fridays for QR199 per person.

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