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Four Seasons Afternoon tea | Evening with a view

Afternoon tea originated amongst the wealthy classes in England in the 1840s. When you are hungry after lunch and it is too early for dinner Afternoon tea is the way to indulge! I personally love the little handcrafted pastries and sandwiches but the star is always the clotted cream and fresh scones!


There is something satisfying in the name itself that gives Afternoon tea a feeling of a relaxed evening which you can enjoy as your ‘Me time’ or with your friends and family bonding over tea! Growing up our family always had a brief afternoon tea where my Mum used to cook something light and savory and all of us sat around the dining table munching on croquettes or biscuits sipping tea and juice! Yes you heard it right; all of my siblings including me does not drink tea unless we are sick, so cold beverages it is!


So let me introduce you to the delectable Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel, Doha. It was my first time at Four Seasons and reviewing my favorite course was something I was looking forward to. Initially I had planned a date with a friend but she had to cancel since her baby got sick and I decided I would go alone and I couldn’t be happier! It was calm, it was serene, it was PERFECT! I did see a couple of people who were enjoying the Afternoon tea on their own which sums up my feeling! It was a hectic week for me and this was a much-needed break!


I have to start from the staff! The server whom I forgot to ask his name, was so friendly and warm and my table was reserved in a beautiful spot overlooking the beach and ‘Nobu’. They made sure if I was comfortable and offered a chips and nuts platter until my Afternoon tea set arrived. It was pretty hot that evening and the fact that I don’t drink tea, this divine Mojito was my drink! I don’t know of you but I can never stop at a single Mojito! Such a thirst quencher and I have mastered making Mojito at home as well! Its fun and chic!




The scones and condiments were absolutely the highlight! I mean what I said! The buttery crumbly soft and warm scones smothered in cream and jam, someone please deliver these to me in the morning and the devil in me would melt away! I am so grumpy when I wake up and unlike others, coffee is not my friend! There were three beauties covered in the scone towel, chocolate chip and plain scones, crumpets! It was my first time trying crumpets and I am happy to say I am officially engaged to it! These were so fresh that I wanted the whole stand to be with the scones…


The desserts on the tier were surprisingly not too fancy but tasted good enough. The spread included tarts, mousse cames, macaroons and profiteroles. You can read the names with the flavors in the menu below!


The savoury selections were quiet delighting with the Baba Ganoush waffle being my favorite! The  one was perfectly crunchy and the lamb wrap with hummus on top was delicious. I ended up eating all of the savory selections except for the smoked salmon pin wheel. I cannot for the life of me consume smoked salmon!

The setting and views:


Oh so nice! The spectacular sea view and the little castle tower in the  courtyard of Four Seasons with Nobu by the Bay, watching the great sunset colors is pretty luxurious! The seating arrangements call for ultimate hospitality and luxury with a secluded ambience that makes you drift away from reality!



The price for the Afternoon tea is QR 195 and offered between 3pm and 6.30pm. They have special delicacies for this week as Mother’s day specials and it would be the best outing for your Mum.


Disclaimer: I was a guest of Four Seasons but the review and pictures are my own. 

29 thoughts on “Four Seasons Afternoon tea | Evening with a view

  1. Magical.

    I loveee afternoon tea with snacks. But since my husband isnt a fan (and he is never available on afternoons because of his crazy work) MOst of the days i dont drink tea (bc i dont wanna drink alone) tea MUST be shared with someone, no?

    I loved ur review and well, as i said, it was magical.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a tea lady – all the time.

    Fancy spending some time alone in such a glamorous place with tea and baked goodies to my heart’s delight. What a treat! Wouldn’t miss it for anything.

    Sounds like an awesome experience.


  3. السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة وبركاته
    Barak Allaah feeki for sharing this, and this had to be one of my favourite place reviews I have read in a while! Allaahumma barik! 1) I am Qatar-based right now, so this place is ACTUALLY. ACCESSIBLE. Alhamdu lIllaah! ( Pleased to meet a local blogger like yourself x)
    2) I love everything about afternoon tea — including the tea — so this IS an ideal outing for me, ma shaa Allaah la quwata illa bIllaah. I hope I can go there soon, perhaps preferably by myself as well. Jazak Illaah khair x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. وعليكم السلام
      Jazakhallah khair for your kind words! I am happy to see a blogger from Doha as well! I highly recommend you try this Afternoon tea and mind you if you have a nice appetite you can almost finish it like me! I was starving and all the little treats were delicious and ate almost all of it! Hope to see you one day Insha Allah.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh God! I wish I could join you on this one. It’s so pretty and dainty.. and with a view like that.. what is that castle in the picture at the end. I love that pic!!

    Liked by 2 people

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