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Ifthar at Sazeli Qatar|الافطار في شاذلي قطر

Erdogan, the honorable President of Turkey and Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the glorious ruler who lives in the heart of each individual in Qatar visited one of the most iconic Turkish cuisine restaurant, Sazeli Qatar, at the Mall of Qatar some months ago! I couldn’t wait to try the luxurious Sazeli as well and when an invitation popped up I did not give it a second thought! With all the support from Turkey to Qatar at this time, I am proud to say I have learnt a few words from the Turkish dictionary! #weareQatar and Thank you Turkey!

Pic credit: @sazeli_qatar


Now, I am not a fan of heavy Ifthars and I prefer being with family at home for Ifthar. Nothing comes close to being in the comfort of your own home! But some days, I gotta give it to flamboyant chargrilled goodness and Turkish baklava!


Sazeli is a gate to Turkish cuisine in Doha! There are a couple of Steak and meaty restaurants in Doha specialized in creating the perfect medium rare but most of them do not serve an excellent melt in the mouth well done varieties! Sazeli Qatar has ticked off the list! With rustic interiors, it quiet sets the mood for a nice BBQ dinner!


Yes it is quiet a fortune to spend on the steaks and chops but it is worth the experience. Ifthar is served as a set menu where you have a set of cold mezzes, soup, salad, five cuts of grilled meat and dessert. Priced at QR245 pp, I bet you won’t get this kind of succulent meat elsewhere in Doha. To top to the frosting, the staff at Sazeli is cheerful and warm, full of laughter and quick.


The Ifthar setup:



The freshly baked bread with cold mezzes were good though nothing extraordinary!




I really loved the warm and freshly rolled Turkish Dolmas.


And the crunchy, fresh and colorful ‘Gavurdağ Salad’ salad to balance the taste buds.


Main course included five cuts of lamb beautifully cooked until tender yet drippingly juicy. I love my meats well done with the juices intact and not runny and I was so glad to devour the steaks, chops and koftas. The beef lokum was my favorite and I could eat that by kilos! The meats were served one after the other fresh and piping hot from the grill!

Beef lokum


Dallas Steak


Beef Lokum Shish


Lamb chop


Kofte with Cheese (couldn’t take a pic)


And to end everything, we were served the sweetest ‘Havuc Dilimi’, a rich pistachio laden baklava with Turkish Ice cream. The interesting part was how they spread the turkish ice cream between the baklava in a musical manner beating the forks on the plate as if performing an instrument. Truly unforgettable. The baklava was as good as…. I don’t know how to explain in words!!!


Final Verdict: I would definitely go back for the grilled meats! I couldn’t recommend the Beef lokum enough! The rest of the menu was definitely good and the Baba Ganoush had a real twist in flavor! It was an unforgettable dining experience as I have never really had a BBQ lamb dinner before!

To digest all the yumminess; Turkish Black Tea


Disclaimer: I was a guest at Sazeli Qatar for Ifthar, but the review and pictures above are mine!

13 thoughts on “Ifthar at Sazeli Qatar|الافطار في شاذلي قطر

  1. merhaba
    ben turkiye isvec norvec vatandasi asciyim tel…0046736711490 esimden ayrildim orada yasayip meslagimi surdurmek istiyorum….konferans alakart asciyim….
    gerek duyarsaniz gelirim saygilarimla
    adem kumru


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