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Huda Restaurant review |The Hotel Park

Dear readers!

It has been the longest since I have written on the blog. The writers’ block this time lingered a lot longer than usual and other than vacation hangover and enjoying the quieter side of life the past couple of months, I do not have an explanation to my absence. I did think of writing a few other posts which are still in the drafts as I lost the pictures I shot for my recipe posts. The worst nightmare has hit me. My Hard disk where I backup all my pictures when my phone memory gets full is lost. I have searched in all the possible places that treasure can slip into but in vain. So many precious memories is lost and I just wanna bury my head inside a chocolate bomb to forget that.

Vacation vibes

So now what! The best way to get rid of any kind of stress is food. And for me Levantine cuisine is the answer to literally every question when it comes to food. I do love Italian, Arabic and Indian food but the Mediterranean cuisine holds a special place in my heart. I love everything about levant region, the people, the nature, the spices, the cheese and the food in general. It adds to the fact that the preparations are traditionally halal and the taste is unmatched. When an invitation to try the new Huda Restaurant which is opening its doors to the public today popped up in my Inbox, I had to say YES right away.


Apart from the food at Huda restaurant, it is the location that makes the difference. It is not in the Pearl which is amazing since we don’t have to drive down all the way to an end of Qatar. Located inside the Hotel Park, Huda restaurant boasts of an extensive parking area and a direct entrance from within.


The seating is spread out and you can opt to dine indoors or al fresco. The restaurant has got a separate cafe set up where you enjoy your coffee over French and Arabic pastries. You can also watch your food being prepared as the kitchen is open and beautifully divided into sections. The restaurant is beautifully lit up so that you can actually see what you are eating. Scroll down further!

We were offered dishes from the Huda Fusion menu which I would highly recommend. The complimentary bread basket has the cutest little pouch like bread with olives, feta cheese and zaatar dips.


There are three dishes in the Huda Fusion menu and two of them are lipsmacking. The classic Hummus mixed with Muhammara (red pepper dip) creatively piped to look like a cupcake icing and delectable to the taste buds. Served with cute and puffy bread that is unlikely to find elsewhere.



Next to the list is the Lamb Pesto dish which was my favorite. Basil and lamb surprisingly tasted so good together. I will be going back for both of the above dishes and their Pizza. Speaking of which reminds me of the Ah-mazing pizza I had that night. The base is Oh so thin, soft like cotton almost like a turkish lahmacun with gooey cheese and the right amount of sauce topped off with tomato and arugula. I hereby state that I am not going to share the pizza when I am there. I am going back to try the whole pizza menu!

The Kibbeh Stroganoff from the Huda Fusion menu did not make it to my favorites. There was something lacking in the sauce which tasted quiet bland and the kibbeh is certainly not the best I have had. I like idea of the dish as kibbeh can only be seen served in a laban sauce and this was different.


How can Lebanese cuisine be complete with shawarma and grills. Huda restaurant has both chicken and meat shawarma served with french fries and thoum (garlic sauce). Dipping in the Thoum as you eat adds an extra level of deliciousness to the already moist shawarma. The restaurant also serves Saj which left an unremarkable taste. We were also served a Greek Salad which unfortunately did not make into our tummies as we were busy trying out other delicacies. But the salad is definitely amazing as I took that away and had for lunch the next day.

The mixed grill platter was a hit and miss. The kebabs were juicy but I could taste raw marinade and the chicken kofta was a bit on the dry side. I did enjoy the lamb kofta and the meat juices soaked bread beneath. I must say Huda Bakery has some amazing Arabic breads that I am sure you will fall in love with.


We opted to sit outdoors for dessert as the climate is just amazing these days. We ordered for a Debbs Fondue and a Snickers crepe. While the crepe hit all the right spots the Fondue failed to please. The Snickers crepe is delicious with the right sweet and salty notes and pieces of peanuts everywhere.


Unlike indoors, the lighting was bad to capture a decent pic of the crepe. The staff at Huda restaurant makes the dining a completely beautiful experience.

Be sure to visit Huda restaurant at the Hote Park. There is direct entrance from Parking Level 2.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at Huda restaurant but the pictures and opinions are completely mine.



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  1. Welcome back Sahar! Sorry for your loss with your files, looking to the brighter side of it; there’s another storage for you to fill in with new memories! Btw, reading your blog today makes me extra hungry! I haven’t taken my breakfast tho! Hehe!

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