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SENSAI | Intensive skincare with fast results

Are you someone who looks for quick results when it comes to skin care? Would you rather look good with a little skincare regimen two days before an event or spend hours perfecting the layers of makeup and then arriving late? Do you like to feel your skin firm and soft when you are washing your face?

If you answered these questions with a ‘YES’, I have to recommend a solution! I recently got a Sensai Gift bag that contained three new products from their skin care range, Prime Solution, Extra Intensive Cream and Extra Intensive Essence.


To begin with these products had good fragrance. I am a person who completely falls for the scent of creams! I love skin care routines as that is time when I reconnect with myself. I have still not stopped using baby creams solely because I love the smell and it reminds me of babies!

Let’s check them out;

SENSAI Prime Solution


As the name states, this is a primary skin care solution that is really great on its own but with less durability. The main function of the Prime Solution is to make your skin ready for your subsequent creams. Prime Solution helps with hydrating your skin making it soft and leaving it revitalised. The formula is thin and it does absorb quickly onto your face leaving no oily feel or anything.

The instructions say to use it twice daily and I do agree on that. Oh and the smell! A fresh flowery scent that makes me apply these to my hands and legs! I love to apply creams with good smell all over my body. But this solution is formulated for the face and it wears off too quickly from the hands and legs.

SENSAI Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Essence


This makes life a lot easier. The consistency of Extra Intensive Essence is a little thicker than a toner and absorbs into the skin very quickly leaving a cool sensation. The Essence also tightens the skin which is the number one anti aging property! Apply this before the Extra Intensive Cream. This product really does have instant result and usage for a couple of days continuously would lead to a beautiful firmer face.

Con – I did find this essence a little sensitive for my skin but I think it is the nature of the ingredients in it.

SENSAI Cellular Performance Extra Intensive Cream


Thicker than whipped cream rescues me from wanting to eat it! I would have eaten some of it because it’s how much I love the feel of this cream on my face. I did love how my skin felt after the first use and highly recommend this cream to anyone looking for creams that help tighten the skin, restoring your elasticity and makes your face firm. I really do not quiet like its smell as the other two but I could get used to it.

I would love to add the Extra Intensive Eye Cream to see how it works around the eyes, as our eye gets tired almost like the feet during these days of virtual glare!

Wears off after each face wash. As we wash our faces five times a day for prayer, I find it hard to last a tub of the Extra Intensive Cream or may be because I have extremely dry skin.


I really do love these products and they will always be in my skin care routine thanks to the instant results!

Do you use SENSAI skin care range? If so which products do you use? Let me know in comments below!


36 thoughts on “SENSAI | Intensive skincare with fast results

  1. That was a really interesting review of the Sensai range. I really appreciate the detail you went to and the images you included. I am keen to check this out for myself.

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  2. Kind of a person i am, hardly takes care of my skin, it seems awesome!

    Specially you said how it helps get the results faster! Maybe someday i get to pamper my skin too 😉 as of now i am (literally) pampering my babies

    I blog at

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  3. I do love it when skin care is as simple as steps 1-2-3… And prefer it more than make up. I shall look into this product Right now I use Ronasutra.

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